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   Anonymous asked: why did you unfollow everyone?

bc I’m not using this blog anymore except for questions!

   Anonymous asked: are you and kyle still friends?

kyle who???

   Anonymous asked: omg isnt emme awesome! she was in dc this past week i wouldve thought you guys would have hung out

i couldn’tggoooo :((

   Anonymous asked: are you friends with itsemmex3


   Anonymous asked: to get your body, did you cut out a lot of bad foods?

omg i’m flattered, but i haven’t done anything i literally eat way more junk than i should :0

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hey guys!! so i made this video about the power of music and how music saves lives and i mention emblem3 in it so check it out!!! and maybe reblog? :) miss you all xoxo

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   Anonymous asked: ok so say we wanna make a video with you and we live in md but its too far away? or if we wanted to film in general whos house would we film at?

it wouldn’t be a house haha i’d do like a DC meetup or bethesda or something

   Anonymous asked: Hi I have a YouTube question: where do you get the little happy music that you put in the background (thats not copyrighted or whatever) you have it in that video you made with Jack I think?

look up ukulele background music on youtube

   Anonymous asked: do you think wes and carly are back together?

i have no idea what’s going on

   Anonymous asked: what mac computer do you have? and does Microsoft word work with it? like is it compatible with other computers? when i send assignments to my teachers they cant open my files..

i have whatever the newest macbook pro is, and yeah word works!! :0