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this is a side blog so i follow with "comfier"
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Keaton Stromberg - Zuni Song
Orlando, FL 7/22/14

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lariclaire: Watching a pink sunrise in Miami & feeling very blessed…MMM-I-AM-I-ssing Breezie…and Isaac, and Brooke. Ah, shucks. Next tour, can we please have one bus for the band and one for the family? @breezies
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wesleystromberg: Hope everyone has an amazing day !!
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His tongue wow

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   Anonymous asked: i think im gonna start making youtube videos i've always liked filming and editing things and it looks like a good time so do you have any advice

only upload what you’re proud of and spend time on your editing and filming like make sure it’s something you really want to do and spend time on


Fireside story sessions 7/14/14

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   Anonymous asked: If you delete this blog will you still use your other one?

of course omg and i won’t delete i’d just go inactive i’d still check messages adn stuff

   Anonymous asked: why cant you eat sour patch kids haha

my mom doesn’t like when i eat chewy things hehe